Toll Gate Opener – Terano

Toll Gate Opener – Terano

Harga Rp. 17.000.000.-

Advanced Features

  • Compact design, attractive appearance, safe and reliable performance.
  • Self-lock electromechanical gearmotor.
  • Built-in control panel.
  • Proximity limit switch
  • Adjustable balancing system.
  • Auto-stop function if hits obstruction.
  • Folding or Fencing arm is available.
  • Built-in release system in case of power failure.
  • Connections for ticket dispenser, photocell, alarm lamp, loop detector, etc.

Technical data

Model PJ315 PJ410
Opening Time 1.5sec 2.2sec
Arm Length 3~3.4m 4.4m
Power Supply 220~240V, 110~120V
Motor Speed 960rpm
Output Power 150W
Working Temperature 20ºC~+50ºC


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